Pretoria, South Africa

Say goodbye to getting lost.

Forever and for free.

Have you ever been frustrated by addresses? Why is it still so hard to tell people exactly where you are, or to find them with absolute confidence?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

These are all complete addresses with pinpoint accuracy:
4X.7R J77.NV6 DN.GP8N H9CT.V33
Green Point Lighthouse Sandton City Parking Entrance Masorini Archeological Site Nieu Bethesda Town Centre

A free-to-use, open source system called Mapcodes was developed in 2001 already (details here). There are numerous great use cases from around the world.

Click here to: get a mapcode OR use a mapcode you were given.

On your cellphone now?
You can also generate and record mapcodes in real-time.