R10 will be awesome, R20 will be even better

Although the mapcode base technology is completely free to use, hosting and maintaining a website like this does have costs associated with it – and any donation, no matter how small, will be crucial in keeping this website running (not mapcodes in general – those can never disappear).

Rather than asking you to send me an EFT or submit your credit cards (I wouldn’t do that either), you can instead make a direct donation simply by scanning one of these codes on the relevant app (I’ve included app download links if you need to install one first.).

Other support opportunities

If you are able to offer other corporate or individual sponsorship, or just want to offer your skills or support, please get in touch with me via the Contact page.


Both of the codes above are directed to a completely separate bank account set up for the sole purpose of ring-fencing donations received for the following goals:

  • Monthly domain hosting costs
  • Google Maps API costs
  • Outsourced site maintenace/development
  • Site promotion and mapcode advocacy

Thanks in advance to all donators – please drop me a message using the site’s Contact form, I’d love to say hi!